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Graansloot Kampen offers storage and handling in the widest sense of the word.
Bert Last, company manager

From loading to unloading
Graansloot Kampen b.v. provides for a variety of goods. From the entry into stock of ship and freight cargo, loose bulk goods and biological raw material to steel coils and ‘big bags’. After your product has been unloaded it is weighed either in the weighing bunker or on the weighbridge, depending on storage method. On storage in one or multiple silos or silo cells, a conveyor system ensures that your product enters the correct cell. The loading of warehouse boxes is done through a box filling system to prevent damage whilst in storage and keep your product in optimal condition. We keep account of stock records for you and provide you as often with all data as required, so that you are at all times up to date regarding the desired information on your product.


Why Graansloot Kampen b.v.

Service is our top priority. Flexibility and cooperation are self-evident to us as independent service organisation. Graansloot Kampen b.v. is ideally located for both water and road infrastructure: adjacent a large waterway and on an important North- South axis. We can receive inland vessels up to circa 5,000 tons and a large part of the Netherlands, with transport distances up to 100 kilometres, is within our reach. We offer separate storing in silos or storage boxes starting at 100 and up to a maximum of 20,000 tons, isolated as needed for goods that are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations.

Upon request Graansloot Kampen b.v. also processes your goods. Customization and flexibility are our starting points for this as well. As a certified company (GMP+,Skal) our service packages also include cleansing, drying, grinding, pelleting and bagging. In cooperation with the container terminal in Kampen we also offer the option of transhipment into containers with destinations worldwide. Online checking your stock record is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Method of storage

Graansloot Kampen b.v. is equipped with a diverse set of storage facilities and is happy to assist you in choosing the right one.

Silo buildingStorage capacity: 5,000 tons in total, 120 to 130 tons per silo cell.

Storage capacity: 5,000 tons in total, 120 to 130 tons per silo cell. The silo building consists of 43 cells and is a good option for smaller lots with a quick turnaround. The efficient transport and loading system will outweigh this relatively expensive yet short type of storage. Other arguments can also be considered in choosing storing in the silo building. The building has for example an integrated sieve screener and a hammer mill to adapt batches made to measure.

Flat storesStorage capacity: 240,000 tons.

Storage capacity: 240,000 tons. For lots with a relatively long storage period storing in a flat store is a good option. The warehouse consists of multiple storage boxes of different volumes, separated by high concrete walls making it possible to store the goods separately. The walls can be fitted with dust screens up to the roof line, guaranteeing separation even better. Graansloot Kampen b.v. has flat stores in several varieties. Five warehouses are equipped with aeration and each have a capacity of 17,500 tons. A number of stores has been isolated to ensure constant conditions for the goods, for example for grain fertilizers that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The warehouses are first filled by shovel, after which they are filled up to a height of eleven meters by means of conveyor belts. Unloading goods is done by grab crane, after which they are transported to the filling system (receiving hopper and a system of conveyor belts for smooth continuous filling of the boxes). This keeps your product in optimum condition and makes the risk of damage extremely slight.

Grain silos
Storage capacity: 30,000 tons in total.

Storage capacity: 30,000 tons in total. Graansloot Kampen b.v. has eight grain silos with a capacity of 2,500 tons and ten grain silos with a capacity of 1,000 tons available. All grain silos are equipped with ventilation and aeration. Filling and unloading the grain silos is done automatically. Elevators take the grain up, after which it enters the silo by chain conveyors. The grain silos have three dryers and a cleaner to dry and/or cleanse, with a capacity of circa 240 tons per hour. Two truckloads are standing by. The newest grain silos are additionally equipped with a ship loading deck. Loading or unloading a ship can be done with a capacity of circa 200 tons an hour.


Your wish is our starting point, we always think in opportunities and search for solutions. Graansloot Kampen b.v. can execute a number of processing options, such as:

- Grinding, in any size. A hammer mill grinds your product. The size of the final product is determined using moulds.
- Cleansing
- Bagging, for example in ‘big bags’
- Pelleting, in any size
- Crushing and sieving of fertilizer
- Drying

Transport services

Transport of raw materials to final destination

We passively offer transport of raw material to end destinations. Reason being that we are set on unburdening our clients as much as possible with regards to handling and transport. In doing so we keep an eye out for the interests of the hauliers who visit us on a daily basis. These transport partners are highly valued for a reason with their flexible attitude in terms of operations and business hours. Thanks to this approach we can contribute to the optimal deployment of their equipment.

Actively we offer transport by means of shipping containers. In recent years we’ve seen a strong growth in the import and export of goods shipped by sea containers. That has led us to choose to participate in the IJssel Delta Terminal (IJDT). Aninitiative that we took with partners that have made their mark in the logistics branch. IJDT offers at least four departures a week and stands out for it’s high service level. Click here for more information.

About Graansloot Kampen b.v.

Social objective
Graansloot Kampen b.v. promotes first and foremost your interests. However, by actively supporting certain parties we also want to contribute to other important
causes. By supporting development work we are helping underprivileged children increase their chances for a better future. Health ánd fun are also important to us, that is why we sponsor several sports clubs, individual sportsmen and sportswomen
and regional clubs. A special cause is The Hopeful Children Center Cambodia. A large number of orphans receives education spearheaded by a Dutch lady. In these ways our money is directly put to good use for a good cause.

Graansloot Kampen b.v. specialises in storage and handling bulk goods. Our company is centrally situated in the Netherlands on large waterway the river IJssel.This, combined with excellent accessibility through a modern network of roads ,guarantees an optimal flow to and from of products. As a logistical service provider we offer storage and handling services, quality, flexibility, a range of processing methods, the option of loading all kinds of vehicles and stock accounting. Quality, endorsed by several certificates and permits, goes without saying. Our services are made to measure. Our opening hours are tailored to your needs.

We are open every day from 07.00 till 17.00 and outside these hours per request. The unloading of your goods we coordinate per batch and is also possible in the evenings and during the weekend. Service for our customers is the lifeblood of our company!

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Tel: +31 (0)38-3321616

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Quality is Graansloot Kampen a matter of course and to ensure this for granted, certificates and permits obtained.

Quality is Graansloot Kampen a matter of course and to ensure this for granted, certificates and permits obtained.