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Vision for the future
Ambition and opportunity is what we at Graansloot Kampen b.v. envision. Both now and in the future there is a legitimate reason for our core business. We continue to invest in the development of our wonderful company. We feel confident about the future, in which our motto remains: Careful and sound entrepreneurship based on a healthy dose of ambition. 

‘Careful and sound entrepreneurship based on a healthy dose of ambition’.
Bert Weever, director

The history of our company starts in the eighties of the 20th century, with the relocation of Zwetsloot Harderwijk to Kampen. With the move, the owner at that time, Otterboer Schiedam b.v., changes the name of the trading depot to Graansloot b.v. Over the course of the years the vision of the management changes significantly. Having one’s own trading depot is no longer seen as a core activity, the location is subsequently put on the market and we get to take over this great company as of  January 1st in 2000.

We change the name to Graansloot Kampen b.v. and decide to focus completely on logistical services for our clients. The trading activities are being discontinued. We didn’t do that out of the blue. Part of our vision is: ‘storage and handling of trade goods can’t be done by a competitor’.  Result: a steady increase in the number of business relations and a reputation to be proud of.

The constant focus on high service, aided by the realisation that manufacturers and traders focus more and more on their prime business, makes Graansloot Kampen b.v. what it is today. Manufacturers want to minimize their stock and purchasers and traders buy service activities as needed. In short, service is of the utmost significance. We continually invest in the quality of our transhipment, with a modern stock management system. With flexible loading and loading times and whatever else is needed. The customer is and will always be right. That is always our baseline. 

Graansloot Kampen b.v. develops in time into a storage and handling company with flexibility in the additional services. In 2001 we built the first extra flat stores and in 2006 we invest in a plot at the Zuiderzeehaven, right across from our first location giving us two docking locations. Here too we keep building extra flat stores, right up to this day. Our storage capacity has expanded from 30,000 tons in 2000 to 270,000 now. We enjoy offering our clients a high level of flexibility in processing and additional services on top of it all. 

We see a clear trend in a higher sense of food safety. Therefore we have consciously invested in storage volumes per storage unit that fit the demand. Lots are by principle stored separately. We only defer from this after concurring with and permission from the customer.

Another trend is the rising demand for biological raw materials for the cattle feed sector. We realised early on that investing in a modern stock system was an absolute must. After all, we are handling regular and biological cattle feed commodities and a strict separation of these materials are a necessity. Our employees are fully aware of this approach and are regularly trained and educated to stay informed about the developments in the industry. Our GMP and SKAI certificates are held in high esteem. 

Service for our customers is the lifeblood of our company!

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Graansloot Kampen b.v.
Haatlandhaven 21
8263 AS Kampen
Tel: +31 (0)38-3321616
Mail: info@graansloot.nl

Tel: +31 (0)38-3321616

Quality is Graansloot Kampen a matter of course and to ensure this for granted, certificates and permits obtained.

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Quality is Graansloot Kampen a matter of course and to ensure this for granted, certificates and permits obtained.

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